AssetChief: Free Facility Management System with Asset Security and Reliability, Customizable Workflow, for Maintenance (CMMS), Knowledge Base and Task Management

Asset Security & Reliability
For Facility Management

Integrating security, reliability & customizability, AssetChief takes facility management to a whole new level, helping you manage everything asset-related from work orders to visitors and customer billing. Close the loop with AssetChief.

Facility Management Done Right

Create an Asset Registry

Create a database of all your assets - everything that matters to your business. Manuals, warranties, contacts, work schedules, metrics, projects and more.

Track Workflow

Then let people easily enter service requests, inspections, incident reports, booking requests and much more. With a dashboard for workers to see precisely what they need to work on.

Get The Big Picture

Rest at ease knowing that, with all this information at your fingertips, nothing will fall between the cracks. No other Facility Management System comes close.

Some of AssetChief's Features

Service Requests & Work Orders

Using AssetChief you can easily enter a service request for any asset, either select it from the list or scan the asset's QR Code to get started. Then have it automatically assign to the supervisor assigned to that asset, where it can be reviewed and assigned as one or more work orders for completion by workers, or incident reports for further investigation.

Service Requests

Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

Knowing who has visited your premises can be critical to protecting your assets.

AssetChief comes with a full Visitor Management System that can be used by security guards or a receptionist to track people entering and leaving your premises.

For certain protected locations or assets, require pre-approval for a visitation request. Maintain blacklists for unwelcome visitors, warnings when visitors overstay, evacuation reports, visitor detail auto-completion and much more.

Inspections & Guard Tours

Regularly inspecting assets or patrolling locations can be a critical component of your facility management strategy.

AssetChief makes it simple to set up regular inspections of either assets or locations. Whether it's a worker checking the functioning of assets, or a security guard patrolling premises to monitor for suspicious activity, with smartphone integration AssetChief makes it efficient and convenient to record checkpoints, raise incident reports or service requests, and ensure that all inspections are performed in a timely manner.

Watch our video to learn more.

Guard Tours

Check-Out & Reservations


Many assets or facilities are shared. AssetChief makes it easy to check-out and in assets so they're never lost.

Need to reserve a room? Scan a QR code on the door, enter the time you want to reserve it for, and it'll notify the office manager and make sure nobody else books it for the same time.

Need to manage keys? Check them out with the system so you never lose track of them.

Incident Reports

Incident Reports

Making it easy to report incidents is a top priority of AssetChief.

Using your phone you can easily enter incident reports from anywhere. We even provide a way for guests to report incidents. Once reported they go straight to an asset supervisor for review, where it can be assigned to a guard for investigation, observation logging and then final review.

Easily upload photos or other media from your phone to provide all the information you need to perform your investigation.

Asset Instrumentation Tracking


As part of regular asset inspections, recording various meters of your assets can help significantly with preventive maintenace.

AssetChief not only makes it easy to store and update instrumentation for your assets, whether it's gas levels or hard drive space remaining, but also provides triggers that will automatically notify someone or create a work order when the meter falls below (or exceeds) a certain value.

With a programmable API, you can even integrate other systems with AssetChief to keep those instrumentation levels up to date in realtime.

Policies and Procedures

Ensuring that all your workers are aware of established policies and procedures can be a critical part of safety and security in your organization.

AssetChief's policy and procedures database is a hierarchical document store that everyone can access to ensure nobody is ever left wondering how they should approach their work.

What's more, AssetChief integrates a full review process for any changes made to those documents, so that all changes are always authorized before being published.

Policy and Procedures Manual

Documents & Knowledge Base

"Where's that user guide?"

With AssetChief you'll never lose that user guide again. Keep all documentation (guides, insurance policies, warranties...), and your own "wiki" knowledge base for all your assets, all in one place - accessible from anywhere - with a built-in Google-like search engine!

AssetChief also provides a place to store all your contacts for a particular asset or type of asset (vendors, contractors etc.).

And all of these documents can be controlled through an approval system to make sure that nothing is updated unless it's authorized, with a full version history that stores who changed what and when.


Risk Management

Not knowing your risk exposure can be the deathknell of your business. As an asset security system, AssetChief puts risk management front and center.

As well as having a custom risk register where you can put in custom risks and schedule regular reviews, AssetChief also utilizes data such as the inherent value of assets, their dependencies and their past history to determine the potential risk impact that asset will have. This helps you determine where you should be focusing your attention and working to mitigate risks.

What's more, the risk system intelligently integrates with work orders, so it can let you know if the work you're about to embark on could be risky.

Risk Management

With QR-Code Smartphone Access

Add Assets

First add your assets. As simple as entering a name - you can fill in the rest later!

Link to QR Code

Then map it to a pre-printed QR code by scanning it from your phone. No need to install anything!

Scan It Anytime

Now every time you scan that QR code from any phone, it'll show you asset info, outstanding tasks and buttons to add work-orders, book reservations, and much, much more!

Other Powerful Features

With AssetChief you get a ton of features to help you manage your assets in one simple-to-use interface that anyone can easily setup.

Asset Database

One central place to store all your organization's asset information, searchable through a built-in Google-like search engine, and easily exportable to Excel for analysis.


Need to control access to certain assets? With AssetChief you can control access to individual forms, even individual fields in a form - so you can protect what's valuable to you.

Asset-Specific Approvals

Need to request anything related to an asset? Just enter the request and AssetChief will know exactly who it should ask to handle the request.

Scheduled Workflow

Schedule and track any kind of request related to an asset. Regular inspections, meter readings, preventive maintenance - even recurring tasks.


Set up automatic workflow from triggers - so you can automatically assign a task, for example, to change the oil when the oil reading is too low.

Fully Customizable

Add your own forms, lists, reports, actions - with the Gold edition you have all the power of WorkflowFirst to customize AssetChief to suit your specific needs.

Project Planning

Plan out projects related to an asset, with task lists (with sub-tasks), task dependencies, assignments and a place to store quotes for those projects you need to outsource.


Manage the availability of assets, and backup plans in the case of failure. Have tasks automaticaly trigger when an asset goes offline.


Have maps to show you precisely where your assets are - whether on a Google Map, or on an uploaded floor plan - so you're never left guessing how to find what's most valuable to you.

Customizable & Enterprise-Scale

With AssetChief Gold and the power of WorkflowFirst you're given amazing customizability that allows you to create an asset workflow database that matches your specific organization's needs.

You can add forms and workflow in seconds, with advanced features like dependent dropdown lists, multiple nested forms, calculated fields, and advanced layout options. It also provides configurable user permissions, a reporting engine built-in, and a powerful (but easy to learn) scripting language - if you ever need to implement workflow that requires special logic.

With its Excel integration and extensive SDK, AssetChief can integrate asset information from all over your organization. To learn more, read our Technical FAQ.

Affordable Plans

AssetChief is available either in the cloud, as a private installation, or a combination of the two (hybrid)


    Enterprise Site License

    • One-Time License Fee
    • Download and Install
    • Unlimited Users per Server
    • Comes With WorkflowFirst
    • Customize Forms/Workflow
    • Integrate into Business Apps
    • Active Directory Integration
    • SLA Available

Contact Us for information about add-ons such as advanced support agreements, faster, more powerful servers, database backups, custom domains, SSL (https) support and load balancing. * Servers backed by Amazon Web Services. For enterprise license, level 1 maintenance and support agreements are 25% license fee - please contact us for details. Limits will apply. ** Free account limited to 500 transactions per month per organization. *** Contact us for pricing beyond 500 transactions.

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